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About Barbara
... dance like there's nobody watching ...

I love to dance!

I have been dancing all my life.

All through my life, I dance.  You may as well ask me to give up breathing.
I believe we all have the capacity and the desire to dance, to move our bodies, to interpret rhythm, to be drawn to the most basic of primal sounds, the heartbeat. When I teach Nia, I share the gift of mindful, spirited, healing movement and I know I am fulfilling my life's purpose.

How Nia Feeds My Soul

Through Nia, I have come to know beyond all doubt that our bodies were designed for movement, and that movement is meant to move us!  If we let ourselves go back to a time when there was no judgement, self-criticism or self-consciousness, then we remember: we all know how to dance.  And every dance is unique, just as every body is unique.

My Beautiful Studio

I have been asked, what do you love the most about running your own studio? Every time I welcome somebody new into the studio, I witness a small transformation; it’s as if they’ve stepped into an unexpected oasis. Even the “regulars” regularly share their delight and appreciation for this gem of a space that provides both relaxation and nourishment - for the body, mind and soul!

What do I mean Move Your Body ~ Feed Your Soul?

When I first settled on this "tagline" for my studio, it resonated deeply.

While it rings true for me and my Nia practice, I believe that all movement, practiced mindfully and with joy, can feed the soul.

Let me add here that, for our purposes, "Soul" can function as a synonym for "Spirit".  I refer to the unique part of each of us that informs who we are, allows us to be fully and authentically ourselves.

When we are moving, actively engaging in a mindful, joyful physical practice, we connect to a freedom and a sense of purpose that fulfills all the realms; body mind emotion and spirit.
My story

When I began to move to the music in my first ever Nia class, I knew that this was going to be unlike anything I had ever done before, and I had been dancing and moving all my life. The invitation to listen to my body’s sensations, to move with awareness, with joy... brought me home to my own creative self-expression. It wasn’t long before my desire to share this powerful tool for body-mind-soul exploration led me to take my White Belt, the first level of intensive training to become a Nia Instructor, focusing on physical sensation and the Joy of Movement. I have never looked back. This is a body of work that continues to offer endless possibilities for self-discovery and development. Blue Belt followed (Relationships and Communication), then Brown Belt (Sensing and Perceiving Energy); now I look forward to Black Belt (Diving into the Unknown)! I am also a certified Nia 5 Stages Practitioner.

I am stronger and more balanced than I have ever been. This is my life’s journey.