175 Birmingham Street, Etobicoke

3 blocks west of Islington
1 block north of Lakeshore Boulevard

(416) 727-8709
Here's What The Students Are Saying!

Nia promotes greater range of motion, a mindful approach to movement, and a playful yet meaningful sense of community.  The benefits are endless.  Here’s what my students have to say:  

"Nia helps me find balance in my life.  It makes my body feel good.  It makes my soul feel free ... and it's so much fun!"

"Nia is like a wonderful drug - safe to be addicted to, has long lasting and positive side effects, allows me to escape to another world where I can be without judgement, negativity, criticism, or stress! What a wonderful feeling!

“When I come to the studio, I never look at the clock to see when 'exercise' class will be over. I enter another realm of connection which transcends time.”
"I love how I feel when I am dancing. Nia allows me to free my mind from that day's stresses and worries. It lets my body take over and enjoy the pleasure of movement while my mind focusses on the music. It doesn't feel like exercise and I never have to force myself to come to Nia (as I did with the Gym--I'd have to guilt myself into going to the gym most of the time). I always look forward to coming to class even after all these years. I appreciate the diversity of the music and the dance routines. We are exposed to so many different types of dance! I enjoy seeing familiar faces in the class and getting to know the other students. I love seeing the joy on the faces' of other students, especially new students who are experiencing Nia for the first time. I am inspired by you, Barbara. The joy of dance is written on your face every time we dance. Your energy, your passion for dance is contagious!"

"I love the freedom of letting go; having every cell feel aerated by the end of the class."

"My brain is cleared when I do Nia and I feel refreshed, relaxed and happy, when the class is over."